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Israeli Artists is a virtual gallery, an exhibition of professional contemporary Israeli artists and index of original Israeli fine art. Here you can find paintings, sculptures, lithography, drawings, gouache paintings, oil paintings, miniatures and graphic art.

Here you can find Israeli fine art for auctions and private investments. Israeli artists are acknowledged by world art trading companies as best buy investments in collectibles.

Our virtual gallery offers the artists an opportunity to maintain their galleries and sell their original art work. Art owners are also welcome to sell their collections or single items.

If you are an artist or art owner wishing to exhibit or sell your art work in our gallery, please email us or use the web form to contact us. We are open to new ideas; exhibitions and new galleries are added on regular basis.

Artists represented in our virtual gallery are respected in Israel and internationally, and some of their original art works are also exhibited on the national Israel Museum Jerusalem in Resources at the Israeli Art Center web exhibition.

You may surf through the Israeli Artists Gallery by:

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  • Searching alphabetical list with Artist Index

We are offering an affordable and easy way to buy and sell original paintings and other art works. A flexible pricing system is offered as well. To buy original art exhibited here, please contact us, and we'll do our best for you to receive your painting or other work as fast as possible.

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